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9/13/2021 Airlogica Corporation announces that TunisAir Express has selected Airlogica solutions for their BIDT processing and becomes the latest airline to enter the Airlogica family.
Tunisair Express is partnering with Airlogica by using our Zeus product to identify and recover non-productive booking costs and influence agency behavior.
11/29/2019 Air Mauritius Agrees to Use Airlogica's Zeus Product
Airlogica Corporation announced today that Air Mauritius is the latest airline to join the Airlogica family. Air Mauritius has chosen Zeus, Airlogica industry leading BIDT Auditing software, for their Distribution analysis and reporting.
9/30/2019 Airlogica and Kuwait Airways Join in Partnership to Better Manage Distribution Costs
Kuwait Airways Chooses Airlogica’s ZeusASAP Solution for ADM Creation and Processing.
9/17/2019 Atlasglobal Selects Airlogica Solutions for their BIDT Processing and Becomes Latest Airline to Join the Airlogica Family.
Airlogica Corporation announces that Atlasglobal has signed an agreement for implementing the Zeus BIDT Management System and also outsourced BIDT services.
7/15/2019 Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has chosen to partner with Airlogica Corporation and deploy ZeusPlus.
The advanced ZeusPlus product assists airlines in understanding complicated BIDT invoices and the effectiveness of GDS pricing agreements.

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