Airlogica is Proud to Report that Air Macau has Joined our Growing Family of Customers Back

“We wanted to have a deeper understanding of agency booking behavior, and the only way to do that is through auditing our BIDT with the top product in the industry. The rich data sources provided by BIDT will enable us to better understand distribution trends and booking patterns.” said Ivan Ng Head of Revenue Management at Air Macau.

Tom Flynn, Airlogica General Manager for Asia/Pacific added “Airlines are very serious about controlling GDS costs. Our core business is focused on developing solutions and processes so that airlines can get a closer look at where their distribution dollars are going. Airlines in China are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. Airlogica is pleased to add Air Macau to its rapidly growing family of Chinese customers. “

Airlogica is proud to serve and support many airlines in their efforts to reduce distribution costs and better manage revenue. With offices in North America, Europe and Australia, and clients on five continents, Airlogica is well placed to help airlines across all parts of the world.

Improving the financial performance of an airline has never been more important.

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