Airlogica Corporation and Lufthansa Group Announce Enterprise Zeus Deployment Back

Airlogica Corporation announced today that all three Lufthansa Group airlines Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS have implemented the latest Enterprise Zeus Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) processing system-wide. Enterprise Zeus allows the Lufthansa Group airlines to examine agency bookings at both the global and local level. “Airlines require tools that allow them to target and eliminate wasteful booking processes” said David Harms, President and CEO of Airlogica. “Airlogica is continually working to increase airline productivity by closing the loop between book-to-flown revenue leakage.”

“We chose Zeus due to several reasons, including analyzing sales on the travel agency channels and assessing possible improvements regarding GDS cost efficiency” said Daniel Muther, Head of Indirect Distribution Solutions, Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines. “As a long time Airlogica customer, taking the next step to the enterprise level is in line with our goal of managing our commercial systems as one airline group.”

“Enterprise Zeus is designed to help a wider range of organizations better manage travel agency bookings, analyze agency behavior, audit the increasingly complex GDS invoices and protect against non-value-added bookings.” said Joan Strahler, Airlogica Principal Consultant. “Staying abreast of GDS pricing changes is challenging, and organizations are finding it more efficient to use trusted, subject matter experts such as Airlogica.”

The Lufthansa Group is one of the world’s leading aviation companies. Its corporate portfolio consists of Network Airlines, Point-to-Point Airlines and Aviation Services. In the financial year 2017, the Lufthansa Group generated revenue of EUR 35.6bn and employed an average of 128,856 staff.

Airlogica is dedicated to serving the international airline industry with an emphasis on global distribution and revenue integrity. With offices in North America, Europe and Australia and clients on 5 continents, Airlogica is well placed to help airlines in all parts of the world.

Improving the financial performance of an airline has never been more important.

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