TAP Air Portugal Selects Airlogica Solutions for their BIDT Processing Back

Zeus assists business analysts in understanding distribution trends and allows management to develop immediate strategies to overcome problematic areas, eliminate GDS inefficiencies and reduce unproductive GDS costs.

“Airlogica is the world leader in airline distribution software and approaches each new opportunity to serve additional customers with enthusiasm” said David Harms, President and CEO of Airlogica. “Airlogica is well known for the quality of its products, the excellent support by its experienced consultants and its proven results. Airlogica derives great satisfaction in helping airlines in saving money and watching customers implementing efficient strategies for managing distribution costs.”

“We assessed the Zeus tool and soon it became clear that with its’ broad reporting capabilities we will be able to get an overall view of our distribution, identify areas where we can do better by developing effective strategies to combat abusive behavior and identify distribution cost inconsistencies for corrective action. Furthermore, Airlogica has been extremely supportive in understanding our internal flows and ensuring that their outputs are completely in line with our business needs” said Paulo Válega, Distribution Analyst, TAP Air Portugal.

Also, Pedro Rita, Distribution Analyst, TAP Air Portugal, said “We realize the full value of Zeus and the rich data source of the BIDT. I am surprised at how much we can determine about our agencies and understand distribution trends and booking patterns. We are confident that Airlogica will provide us high level services that fulfil our requirements as well as a crucial added value in the reconciliation of the invoices and the correct answers that we can make.”

“We are happy to have TAP Air Portugal added to Airlogica’s large and growing family of airline customers. We are pleased for being trusted by TAP Air Portugal and proud to be selected as their BIDT management partners. We are committed to deliver to TAP Air Portugal an outstanding customer service and support and we are confident that we will have a successful and long-lasting business relationship” said Elena Tatti, Airlogica Principal Consultant. “Improving the financial performance of an airline has never been more important and we are certain that TAP Air Portugal will benefit from the full value of the Zeus BIDT management tool.”

TAP Air Portugal is the leading Portuguese airline and member of the Star Alliance since 2005. Operating since 1945, with the operational hub in Lisbon, a privileged access platform in Europe, at the crossroads with Africa, North, Central and South America, TAP is leader in the operation between Europe and Brazil. TAP has been through a major and terrific transformation, result of a privatization process, that allowed the company to grow in destinations, passengers and aircraft.

Airlogica is proud to serve and support many airline customers in their continuing challenges to reduce their distribution costs and better manage their revenue. With offices in North America, Europe and Australia and clients on 5 continents, Airlogica is well placed to help airlines in all parts of the world.


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