People who use Flash can:

Message Edit Department
  • Resolve up to 90% of rejected messages without human intervention. This includes divided PNRs, reductions, name changes, sales, cancels, re-books, SSR and OSI.
  • Process important messages speedily
  • Reduce message queue backlog
  • Minimize human processing errors
GDS Distribution Department
  • Validate passive segments entered by travel agents (Passive Segment Notification)
  • Eliminate distribution costs associated with excessive waitlists
Marketing Automation Department
  • Reduce duplicate bookings
  • Validate Minimum Connect Times
  • Confirm missing unaccompanied minor details
  • Automate industry sales campaigns
  • Quality Assurance (e.g. policy violations)
  • Monitor/Cancel expired ticket time-limits
  • Firm flights
  • Update host PNRs with missing passenger data (i.e. retrieve the actual GDS PNR)
Airlogica users are currently using Flash to:
  • Eliminate duplicate bookings
  • Identify No shows to bill back to travel agent
  • Cancel fictitious or speculative bookings
  • Misuses of booking class: ticketed in one class, booked in another
  • Find minimum connect time violations and reject or cancel booing (There can be different criteria for different flight types, e.g. OA to your airline, domestic to international, regional to major etc.
  • Accept or reject passive segments—based on your criteria
  • Find expired ticketing time limits—send message to agent to ticket or cancel booking
  • Teletype reject processing—handle up to 90% of messages on queue
  • Identify missing Information in the PNR and update
  • Identify illegal groups
  • Add unaccompanied minor information
  • Keep track of incentive programs
  • Update contact information
  • Track and tally on any field in the PNR, e.g. number of passives or premium bookings by agency
  • Retrieve full passenger itinerary
  • Identify traffic booked in wrong class
  • Prevent name changes
  • Stop some bookings altogether
  • Identify any type of PNR, such as wheelchairs, manually priced tickets
  • Clear waitlists
  • Sort messages on queues and prioritize for handling
  • Validate ticket numbers
  • Check for duplicates across several flights and/or days
  • Prevent agents from creating passives for more passengers than in the host PNR
  • Add ticket numbers to host bookings from GDS
  • Handle flight delays by robotically accessing all passenger contact information by flight

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