Do you know what your total distribution costs are for selling your product - a ticketed airline seat ?

Or are you just focused on what you pay the GDS providers for segment fees?  Or maybe other departments are responsible for other components of your distribution costs such as Ticketing, Credit Card or Dynamic Availability charges.  But, you don't or can't correlate and combine all of your costs to get a handle on your total costs or determine where the best opportunities are for cost reductions?  That's a common dilemma in our business.

There are many tools and products available to attack each segment of your distribution costs, but until now there has not been a single commercial solution to help you manage the total cost.

Airlogica, working with some of our large, international airline customers, has developed such a solution.  Our product, called Poseidon, is based on our industry-leading BIDT analysis and reporting tool, Zeus.  A web-enabled product, Poseidon is intuitively easy-to-use, employs standard Windows functionality and, based on a scalable client/server platform, can grow with your end-user's needs.

Poseidon can deliver a full-featured and complete picture of your total product distribution costs.  Finally, the solution you have been looking for and truly need has arrived!

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