People who use Poseidon can:

Importing data
  • Expand the amount of distribution cost data beyond the BIDT data provided by GDSs. Add the following charge information:
    • Dynamic Availability
    • Ticketing
    • Credit Cards
    • Excessive Reverse Units
    • Billable Transactions
  • Add more essential data from other sources
    • Import Aggregate data from Zeus for net segments and cost at the Cost Center, Pseudocity and country levels.
    • Include  cost field and values for each of the non-BIDT files on import.
    • Add GDS non-BIDT charges for all GDS’s using manual input form (e.g. MIDT, TIDT, ASTs etc)

Poseidon will

  • Assign all records to a Cost Center using the Zeus country codes table.
  • Calculate pricing and insert calculated costs into Cost field
    • Some reports do contain cost as a field value and that will be imported directly
    • Others require more complex mathematical calculations.
  • Convert EUR-based costs into USD either as a calculated cost or direct import of cost value from source data.


  • There will be two levels of reporting:
    • Analyze data within the individual tables using the Filter Builder.
    • Combine data from multiple tables using a Report Writer included in the product.
  • Since Poseidon will import net booked segments from Zeus, cost can be analyzed down to the cost per net segment level.

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