Don't miss an opportunity for your company to introduce Zeus to drastically reduce your distribution costs.

Zeus is a "State of the Art" BIDT product developed by Airlogica. It is defined as a Management Information System as it assists business analysts in understanding distribution trends and allows management to develop strategies immediately to overcome problem areas. Its main source is the Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) from all GDSs, enabling it to provide a comprehensive information database and decision support tool.

If you are about to invest in groundbreaking technology that will save your airline MILLIONS of dollars, you have come to the right place. The decision to purchase Zeus will help you manage your distribution costs better than you could ever have imagined.

To view the demo online, follow the instructions below. Or, you can send an email request to us for a "Zeus Demo" CD and we will mail it to you.

  • Click Download Demo below, and save the zip file to your HD.
  • Extract the files and save them into any directory on your system.
  • Double Click on WinStart.exe among the newly extracted files.

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