The main uses for Zeus BIDT MIS

Zeus is defined as a Management Information System. It's main purpose is to Validate, Audit and Analyze the Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) from all GDS companies and data from other sources in order to provide a comprehensive information database.

Airlines are moving away from examining overcharges and more towards auditing for critical information required to make rapid, yet sound decisions on cost reduction opportunities.

Zeus is the first system in the market to provide airlines with the special tools needed to fully appreciate their distribution patterns and to identify cost-of-sale reduction opportunities.

The System achieves this by:
  • Allowing analysis of the entire GDS environment (including GDS Internet booking Sites) at both macro and micro levels
  • Providing market segmentation capabilities
  • Code-share/alliance relationships and regional cost-center charge-backs
  • Enabling airlines to implement tightly targeted cost reduction programs, rather than 'blanket' policies
  • Confirming and quantifying the success of current distribution strategies or demonstrating the need to make changes
Potential Strategies
  • Analyse internet booking trends
  • Code-share/alliance relationships
  • Confirm success of current distribution strategies or the need for change
  • Incorporate other on-line data sources
  • Passives
  • Waitlists
  • Duplicates
  • Fictitious or Speculative Bookings

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