Questions about Poseidon

What are the key advantages of Poseidon ?
Poseidon has the look and feel of Microsoft Office which translates into significant advantages for airline users in several areas:

  • Commercial
  • Technical
  • Functional

Explain more about Commercial advantages

Poseidon will give you not only the possibility to reconcile your GDS invoices but it will also give you the opportunity to determine who is responsible for high volume s of availability requests or high volume (excessive) reverse units.

Explain more about Technical advantages

Standard Windows functionality featuring Cut, Copy and Paste.  It works like your standard Office programs and integrates with them seamlessly.  Data is displayed and manipulated much like Excel, Outlook and Access and can be further manipulated in these programs.

Simple table maintenance with the ability to click into cells and update immediately.  Paste information into tables between Windows applications. Built on Microsoft SQL Server, the largest selling Windows-based Relational Database Management System which provides you with:

  • A system scalable from a single desktop to almost unlimited users on a client/server basis. A system that can grow with your needs.
  • Web-enabled to permit you to offer data access to your offices around the world using the internet or a corporate intranet.
  • A system is equally useful to the novice analyst as to the most advanced users who write their own SQL Scripts.  State-of-the-art database that is constantly being upgraded and improved.  Microsoft SQL supports merged data sources so airlines can compare BIDT data with other types of data such as TCN, rejects from the host, hand back (no-show) and agency sales & revenue data.

Offers system interoperability between various database systems so users can merge data from SQL Server with Oracle and other current databases

Explain more about Functional advantages

Poseidon is capable of importing the following files:

  • Airline Bookings
  • Vendor Credit Card Charges
  • Dynamic Availability Charges
  • Billable Transaction Charges
  • DCS Handling Charges
  • Ticketing Charges

Intuitive wizards to help you create your own filters, duplicate queries, automatic investigations (batched operations) and drill down filters. Designed so an analyst can profit from Poseidon with minimal database experience. Advanced filters allow qualified staff to use actual SQL statements to query the database and create more complicated reports.  You will be able to answer difficult senior management questions.

Unlimited reports.  More fixed reports than any other analysis system.  Ad hoc reports created using an intuitive filter builder that supports data lists, multiple grouping and sorting, to improve productivity.

Default outputs include HTML reports, tab-delimited text, PDF files for follow on analysis and processing in other standard data manipulation applications.

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