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Airlogica’s flagship Management Information System (MIS).

Designed to revolutionize the way airlines validate, audit, and analyze Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) from ALL GDS sources and companies.

Zeus Cloud is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive cloud-based solution that offers unparalleled insights into the complex and intricate nature of airline bookings.


Automate your ENTIRE monthly BIDT audit process


Audit, validate, and analyze BIDT from ALL GDS sources


Curb abusive agency behavior and recover costs


Find the TRUE value of your GDS contract


Configuration options that are tailored to your business needs


Save millions of dollars with Zeus Cloud

Zeus Cloudby the Numbers

Zeus Cloud by Airlogica is not just another airline software; it’s a promise of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation; and a solution that transforms how airlines operate.


Airline Customers Served

Airlines choose Airlogica’s software because of the quality of our products, proven results globally, free evaluation period, an affordable one-time license fee and priority customer service.


Savings For Our Customers

Accuracy, validation, auditing, and reporting are at the heart of Airlogica’s Zeus Cloud.


Years Of Innovation

Airlogica stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the complex and dynamic world of airline distribution.

Airlogica BIDT: Reimagining Airline Distribution Through Innovation

With over 30 years of experience providing the airline industry with comprehensive, flexible BIDT audit solutions and GDS software, Airlogica stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in airline distribution.

With a focus on Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Airlogica is redefining how airlines approach BIDT audits, manage distribution costs, and identify distribution trends to enhance airline operations.

Airlogica is committed to the success of its clients through ongoing customer support and product innovation.

Overview of BIDT

Billing Information Data Tapes, or BIDT, are at the center of airline bookings. These intricate data tapes encompass comprehensive details of airline bookings and ales made through various channels, serving as a critical component in the airline industry’s revenue management.

BIDT’s significance lies in its ability to provide accurate and timely information, enabling airlines to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

The Role of GDS In The Airline Industry

The Global Distribution System (GDS) acts as a bridge connecting airlines with travel agencies and other booking platforms. A Global Distribution System is a centralized network that facilitates real-time access to flight inventories, pricing, and booking capabilities between travel industry service providers and travel agencies.

The connection between BIDT and GDS is symbiotic, where GDS ensures the seamless distribution of airline products, and BIDT provides the data integrity required for accurate billing and reporting.

Interested in How Airlogica Can Help You Understand Your Distribution Channels and Improve Efficiency?

An Industry Problem: Managing Distribution Costs

Distribution costs in the airline industry are fraught with challenges. From managing various fees to handling dynamic availability charges, airlines often struggle to get a handle on their total costs.

The lack of a single commercial solution to correlate and combine all costs often leads to missed opportunities for cost reductions and can enable abusive booking behaviors.

Our Solution to Managing Distribution Costs

The challenges associated with managing airline distribution costs require innovative solutions that can provide a clear and comprehensive view of distribution, trends, patterns, and costs.

Airlogica’s technology platform and BIDT auditing software for commercial airlines offer invoice matching, planning, and forecasting capabilities, addressing the perplexing challenges of distribution costs. Automation features are integrated to streamline processes, ensuring efficiency and cosr reduction.

What Makes Airlogica an Industry Leader

For 30+ years and 75 customers, we have been helping airlines surpass their goals, improve their efficiency, and save money along the way.

Our emphasis on adaptability and flexibility translates into tangible benefits for airline customers. Our cloud-based solution, compatible with APIs, offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing airlines to adapt to changing business needs.

A Global Presence

With offices in North America, Europe, and Australia, Airlogica’s global presence is a testament to its commitment to serving airlines worldwide.

Airlogica’s services cover collaboration with over 75+ airlines, reflecting the wide reach and adaptability of our solutions.

Why 75+ Airline Customers Choose Us

Airlogica’s team is united by a common goal. To innovate and excel. Ensuring that the quality of service remains consistent, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Through digital engineering and constant technological innovation, Airlogica ensures that airlines are equipped with the tools they need to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of airline distribution.

As a result, Airlogica’s services cover collaboration with over 75+ airlines, reflecting the wide reach and adaptability of our solutions.

Airlogica’s Tailored Solutions for the Airline Industry

At Airlogica, our product offerings are more than just tools; they are tailored solutions designed to align with the unique needs and challenges faced by the airline industry. Airlogica reports and tools are BSP/ARC compliant, meet industry standards, and provide a direct link for ADM upload and monitoring.

We are committed to providing full-featured and complete solutions that empower airlines to control and optimize their operations.


GDS Analysis

Gain an unparalleled perspective of the GDS landscape, diving deep into distribution channels to unveil cost-saving opportunities, market insights, and the true value of GDS agreements.

Invoice Matching & Data Pre-Processing

Invoice matching and data pre-processing for your entire GDS environment. Zeus Cloud can also support rack rate pricing and negotiated pricing data. 

ADM Services

We ensure accurate agency abuse analysis and dispute management, ultimately safeguarding our client’s revenues and refining agency behavior. ADM reports are compliant with all BSP/ARC standards.

Zeus Cloud BIDT MIS – Insightful Management Information Solution

Zeus Cloud BIDT MIS is a comprehensive Management Information Solution designed to provide airlines with deep insights into distribution trends. It’s a strategic tool that helps in understanding the market dynamics and developing targeted strategies.

Analyze GDS Environment: Zeus Cloud provides a complete analysis of the entire GDS environment, offering a holistic view of distribution channels.

Market Segmentation Capabilities: Zeus Cloud offers market segmentation capabilities, allowing airlines to target specific segments effectively.

Targeted Cost Reduction Programs: Zeus Cloud enables airlines to develop and implement targeted cost reduction programs, optimizing operations.

Technology & Services thatEmpowerCommercial Airlines

Airlogica’s Zeus Cloud represents a new era in airline distribution management. With a focus on digital transformation, automation, insights, and total cost control, Zeus Cloud is designed to meet the unique needs of the airline industry.

Through digital engineering and constant technological innovation, Airlogica, ensures that airlines are equipped with the tools they need to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of airline distribution.

Airlogica is more than a software company; it’s a partner to the airline industry, offering innovative solutions that transform the way airlines handle BIDT and GDS.

With a focus on adaptability, flexibility, and global presence, Airlogica is leading the way in reshaping the airline distribution landscape.

Get in touch with us today and experience firsthand how Airlogica can help save millions of dollars and enable strategic management of distribution costs with our robust software for the commercial airline industry.