About Airlogica

A global leader in state-of-the-art solutions for the most pressing distribution challenges airlines face.

  • 30+ Years of Innovation
  • 75+ Airlines Served
  • 5 Global Offices

About Us

Airlogica Corproation

Airlogica is dedicated to serving the international airline industry with an emphasis on global distribution. With offices in North America, Europe, and Australia and clients on 5 continents, Airlogica is well-placed to help airlines in all parts of the world. Growth has been rapid because of the results achieved by our airline customers.

As a relatively small company, Airlogica is very much organic in structure. This is seen as essential in order to perform flexible tasks in the ever-changing travel industry. We see ourselves as the leader in distribution software and consultancy and we approach each new opportunity to serve additional customers with enthusiasm. We derive great satisfaction in helping airlines save money, and watching our user’s strategic options increase in the management of distribution costs.

Airlogica offers airlines a PC-based solution that is affordable, reliable, state-of-the-art, easy to use and maintain, and extremely flexible. Our software is developed so that changing business needs can be accommodated easily (at little or no cost). This allows airlines to define their own unique business rules, providing optimal adaptability. This is extremely important in a volatile environment where business needs are constantly changing.

Our software is designed so that business users can make changes promptly to satisfy immediate business requirements. This can be done directly without the need for vendor or programmer assistance. We offer products that supply a complete management solution to distribution problems. Airlines choose Airlogica’s software because of the quality of our products, proven results globally, free evaluation period, an affordable one-time license fee, and priority customer service.