Comprehensive GDS Distribution Analysis

For decades years, Airlogica’s Zeus Cloud platform has empowered airlines with an unparalleled perspective of the GDS landscape, diving deep into distribution channels to unveil cost-saving opportunities, market insights, and the true value of GDS agreements.

Whether you seek overarching executive insights or granular analytics, Zeus Cloud delivers precisely tailored reports, fostering data-driven decision-making across all levels of operation.

Learn About The Features & Benefits of Zeus Cloud

GDS AnalysisCapabilities & Features

Zeus Cloud provides a complete analysis of the entire GDS environment, offering a holistic view of distribution channels. Analyze and capitalize on cost savings, market analysis, and agency behavior, and calculate the true value of your GDS agreements.

Targeted Cost Reduction Programs

Zeus Cloud enables airlines to develop and implement targeted cost-reduction programs, optimizing operations.

Adaptability When It Matters Most

The Zeus Cloud Platform easily adapts to changes in BIDT formats, fields, new technology interfaces, and ways of working.

Zeus Cloud adapts to the user’s needs and requirements offering valuable visibility and data insights so that users can make informed and confident decisions.  

Custom Reporting for Your Needs

Custom reporting from broad to detailed reports.

From high-level executive summaries of distribution trends to meticulously detailed analytics that drill down to the granular nuances, Zeus Cloud caters to every informational need and staff level.

Experience What Zeus Cloud Can DoFor You

Designed to revolutionize the way airlines validate, audit, and analyze Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) from ALL GDS sources and companies.

Zeus Cloud is not just about data management; it’s about strategic foresight. From analyzing internet booking trends to understanding the nuances of code-share relationships, Zeus Cloud offers a plethora of strategies.

Zeus Cloud provides an airline with the tools required to dramatically reduce distribution costs.

It seamlessly integrates other online data sources, ensuring airlines have a 360-degree view of their BIDT and GDS data.

With features that manage passives, waitlists, duplicates, and even speculative bookings, Zeus Cloud is truly the future of airline data management.

Analyze your ENTIRE GDS environment at both macro & micro levels

Confirm success of current distribution strategies or the need for change

Implement tightly targeted cost reduction programs, rather than 'blanket' policies

Rapid & easy import of the voluminous BIDT records into a full-featured database

Identify passives, waitlists, duplicates, fictitious & speculative bookings

Incorporate multiple offline & online data sources

Plan and forecast future BIDT costs

ADM analysis compatible with BSP/ARC

Analyze internet booking trends, patterns, & more

Code-share/alliance relationships