Airlogica’s flagship Management Information System (MIS).

Designed to revolutionize the way airlines validate, audit, and analyze Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT) from ALL GDS sources and companies.

Zeus Cloud is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive cloud-based solution that offers unparalleled insights into the complex and intricate nature of airline bookings.


Automate your ENTIRE monthly BIDT audit process


Audit, validate, and analyze BIDT from ALL GDS sources


Curb abusive agency behavior and recover costs


Find the TRUE value of your GDS contract


Configuration options that are tailored to your business needs


Save millions of dollars with Zeus Cloud

Zeus Cloudby the Numbers

Zeus Cloud by Airlogica is not just another airline software; it’s a promise of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation; and a solution that transforms how airlines operate.


Airline Customers Served

Airlines choose Airlogica’s software because of the quality of our products, proven results globally, free evaluation period, an affordable one-time license fee and priority customer service.


Saving for Our Customers

Accuracy, validation, auditing, and reporting are at the heart of Airlogica’s Zeus Cloud.


Years Of Innovation

Airlogica stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the complex and dynamic world of airline distribution.

What Zeus Cloud Can Do For You

Zeus Cloud is not just about data management; it’s about strategic foresight. From analyzing internet booking trends to understanding the nuances of code-share relationships, Zeus Cloud offers a plethora of strategies.

Zeus Cloud provides an airline with the tools required to dramatically reduce distribution costs.

It seamlessly integrates other online data sources, ensuring airlines have a 360-degree view of their BIDT and GDS data.

With features that manage passives, waitlists, duplicates, and even speculative bookings, Zeus Cloud is truly the future of airline data management.

Analyze your ENTIRE GDS environment at both macro & micro levels

Confirm success of current distribution strategies or the need for change

Implement tightly targeted cost reduction programs, rather than 'blanket' policies

Rapid & easy import of the voluminous BIDT records into a full-featured database

Identify passives, waitlists, duplicates, fictitious & speculative bookings

Incorporate multiple offline & online data sources

Plan and forecast future BIDT costs

ADM analysis compatible with BSP/ARC

Analyze internet booking trends, patterns, & more

Code-share/alliance relationships

Zeus Cloud BIDT MIS – Insightful Management Information Solution

Zeus Cloud BIDT MIS is a comprehensive Management Information Solution designed to provide airlines with deep insights into distribution trends. It’s a strategic tool that helps in understanding the market dynamics and developing targeted strategies.

Analyze GDS Environment: Zeus Cloud provides a complete analysis of the entire GDS environment, offering a holistic view of distribution channels.

Market Segmentation Capabilities: Zeus Cloud offers market segmentation capabilities, allowing airlines to target specific segments effectively.

Targeted Cost Reduction Programs: Zeus Cloud enables airlines to develop and implement targeted cost reduction programs, optimizing operations.

Zeus CloudFeatures & Benefits

Automate, plan, and forecast with Zeus Cloud. Empower your airline to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and lead the competition.

Leading the Charge in Data Management

Zeus Cloud is a specialized tool that empower airlines to delve deep into their distribution patterns.

With Zeus Cloud, airlines are no longer in the dark about their cost-of-sale strategies. Instead, they’re equipped with actionable insights that spotlight cost-reduction opportunities, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve.

A New Era in Distribution Trends

Zeus Cloud is a cloud-based solution that ensures flexibility and accessibility. API compatibility brings seamless integration with other systems, to provide a comprehensive information database and decision support tool.

Harness Cost Management

Zeus Cloud is an investment that promises to save your airline MILLIONS of dollars. With features like invoice matchingplanning and forecasting, and automation, Zeus Cloud offers a multifaceted view of distribution costs and a dashboard for instant metrics.

BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) /ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation dashboard

Comprehensive Information Database

Zeus Cloud combines the power of BIDT from all GDSs (Global Distribution Systems), with BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) /ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) out-of-the-box compatibility to provide a complete decision support tool.

Rapid & Secure File Importing With API Connectivity

Zeus Cloud offers flexibility and accessibility with secure File Transport and import.

Seamless integration via API sets a new benchmark in data processing to adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape.
Zeus Cloud offers streamlined speed, security, and data integrity.

Dynamic Pricing Table

Match invoices, plan, and forecast future GDS rate changes with Zeus Cloud right out-of-the-box dynamic pricing wizard.

Insights With Advanced Grid Tools

Visibility into data trends through Zeus Cloud analytics aids in decision-making and GDS environment insights. Intuitively, search sort, chart, and pivot to create a customized toolbox with no code required.

Full Reporting Customization

Zeus Cloud provides multiple report options.

Customized templates and report distribution options allow users to complete analytics, preview results, and share with the touch of a button.

Unlimited Accessibility

Zeus Cloud limitless accessibility offers connectivity from any device. Multiple out-of-the-box configuration options cater to your airline and individual user’s requirements.

Data Security and Safeguard

  • HTPPS – secure communications
  • TLS 1.2 – provide privacy and data integrity between two or more communicating computer applications
  • Transparent Data Encryption – Transparent data encryption encrypts your databases, backups, and logs at rest without any changes to your application.
  • Azure SQL Auditing – Azure SQL Auditing tracks database events and writes them to an audit log in your Azure storage account, Log Analytics workspace or Event Hub
  • Strict Database Firewall Rules – access only from the Web Api or select IP addresses
  • Strong Password Requirements
  • Auto Log Out on Inactivity
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Scans of the website Web API’s and SQL Server

Unparalleled On-Going Support

Stuck with an error in a filter? Our Zeus Cloud support system is just an email away. With an extensive user manual and support from Airlogica consultants, you’re never alone in your journey with Zeus Cloud. Our support extends beyond mere troubleshooting; it’s a partnership that grows with you.

Experience What Zeus Cloud Can DoFor You

Zeus Cloud by Airlogica is not just a product; it’s a promise of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation; and a solution that transforms how airlines operate.

It’s a tool that understands the complexity of BIDT and handles it with agility, ensuring that every detail is captured and every exception is handled.

From automation to planning and forecasting, Zeus Cloud is designed to sell what it does for the client. It’s about empowering airlines to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.


Free Evaluation Period


Ongoing User Support


Seamless Integration With Online & Native Data Sources


API Compatible


Continuous Updates